Windowpane, one of the most popular independently distributed hard rock bands in the Pacific Northwest, has recently been winning over crowds all across the U.S. & Canada as an unknown support act on major international tours. 

Foregoing fancy stage props and theatrics, Windowpane’s heavy, bouncy approach to American, dirty guitar driven Rock & Roll is proving to be extremely sought after. Their sound is raw, gritty, aggressive and dark, tailored with an angry blues-essence that bounces with deep & powerful grooves. Their lyrics are honest, open, and relate to the current vulnerabilities and frustrations that plague so many. Their backdrop consists of vintage stacks and is fronted by low slung, classic guitars, while their high-energy, emotionally-fueled live performances have become something of legend in Seattle’s highly creative and critical rock scene. All of this, combined with their infectious melodies and the band’s reputation of ‘nothing but integrity’, has helped Windowpane generate a tremendous Northwest fan base that has consistently packed in crowds of over a thousand to their local performances for the past 4 years straight.

“Windowpane’s music really connects with people! It doesn’t matter if someone is into country or heavy metal, if they see Windowpane live, they are leaving that venue a Windowpane fan!”

-Jolene Shearer, former program director at KISW 99.9 Seattle

The consistent, overwhelming crowd response and extremely large on-site-sales numbers that Windowpane generated out on the road as an unknown support act to bands, such as Five Finger Death Punch and Queensryche, is enough proof that they can create the same effect all over the rock n’ roll loving world. As stated by Five Finger’s tour manager – “Windowpane sold more CDs and soft goods than any other unknown opener that we have ever had”. Windowpane has moved more than 12,000 CDs completely independently to date, the majority of which were sold on the road to unsuspecting rock fans.

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