Tetrafusion are back from their slumber with Dreaming of Sleep. The documented implosion of Scale the Summit would leave a bad taste in anyone’s mouth. With Travis LeVrier becoming a full-time member of Entheos, it left former members in J.C. Bryant and Mark Michell without a primary musical outlet. It only seemed right to bring the focus back around on the quietly lain Tetrafusion, whose last release was the Horizons EP way back in January 2012. A little over five years later, the gift of Dreaming of Sleep has been bestowed to us—and what a gift it is.

Tetrafusion is back in full force, with an album that combines elements of bands you already know and love while using these pieces in creative and unique ways to create a supremely engaging listening experience. You’ll find bits of Dream Theater, Pink Floyd, Between the Buried and Me, Monuments, hints of chiptune music, Cynic, and even Opeth. The influences range from extremely overt worship to borrowing of technique, but it’s so interesting to hear what sort of tapestry Dreaming of Sleep is.

Dreaming of Sleep is a legitimately cool album with enough interesting movements during the music itself and ideas surrounding both its musical construction and lyrical themes to satisfy both the passive and hardcore progressive fans.