S’efforcer begins in a room reminiscent of Harry Potters bedroom, with a barely functioning AC, and five gentlemen sweating profusely over their creation. Formed in late August of 2014 by founding members Bryce Vandewark and Phil Frederick, later joined by vocalist Quay Jones, Bassist Attila DeFalussy, and Guitarist Charles Stevens, S’efforcer quickly became a force to be reckoned with, and rapidly picked up a pace that was both fluid and pure in their local music scene. After the release of debut singles “The Body The Mind” and “Like Teaching Snakes to Speak English”, S’efforcer set it’s margins on something more complex and intricate. Later releasing the single “Morrow”, S’efforcer announced the creation of their debut album, “Survive}•{Discover”, set to release September 15th of 2017. After three long years of constant struggle and hard work, S’efforcer finally established themselves within the 607/570 music scene, where they have made their home in the hearts of their devoted fans. Writing from a point of perspective, with Survive}•{Discover S’efforcer aimed to provide comfort to all who have been made to feel inadequate, and all who have struggled through life’s constant endeavours. Conceptually derived, Survive}•{Discover is an album about love, hate, regret, struggle, perseverance, and the pursuit of happiness and understanding. Armed to the teeth with heavy progressive notions and an ambiently melodic influence, S’efforcer stands out from the limelight in their refusal to be standardized, and has solidified themselves as a group of determined, loving, and open minded individuals. With the strive to overcome all obstacles, and the determination to do more, S’efforcer is a project unlike their local counterparts, and is an energy unparalleled. Together, we will Survive/Discover.

North America