Death is only the beginning. Look to many of the world’s greatest artists—Da Vinci, Picasso, Edgar Allen Poe—all of whom reached the apex of their influence upon the world only after their passing. After death, their art seems to take on new life, spreading faster than it ever had during their mortal stint on earth. So with many artists only getting one death to take their art to the next level of public discovery, imagine what awaits Georgian metalcore act Second Death. Formerly known as Beware the Neverending, Second Death combine skull-smashing heaviness and groove with contagiously catchy melodies and outstanding instrumental harmonies to create a unique and intense breed of heavy music that is bound to ensnare the ears of mosh-hungry metal heads world-wide.
Second Death rose from the burial mound of Beware the Neverending, who swept across the nation’s heavy music community with two critically acclaimed full-length albums and one EP as well as several nationwide tours—including one that took them on a tour of Canada. However, as Beware the Neverending’s sound continued to grow and develop, the band’s original identity began to die, until a funeral—and corollary rebirth—was needed. Second Death still play a brash blend of metal and hardcore, melted and merged in Valdosta’s vicious southern heat—but with renewed focus and purpose. With a rejuvenated attitude and an aggressive, inspired sound to match, 2016 sees Second Death leaping forward without skipping a beat. Taking off on a tour with peers Bodysnatcher throughout the east and Midwest to accompany new material under their new name, Second Death are wasting no time in bringing new life to the ears of heavy music enthusiasts everywhere.
North America