Poly-Math are a Prog-Math band heavily influenced by early pioneers of prog like King Crimson and Yes, with the more modern sensibilities of bands like The Mars Volta and Death from Above.

Poly-Math have released a number of concept EP’s and last year their first album, Melencolia; a full concept album revolving around the German artist Dürer. The band toured the album across Europe and the UK, performing at festivals such as ArcTanGent, DUNK and Strange Forms among others.

This year the band have created their most expansive release to date; a double concept album revolving around Baghdad’s 13th Century Houses of Wisdom and the Islamic Golden Age. The two part album was made possible through a crowd funding campaign which included the opportunity for supporters to feature on the album by submitting scripted spoken parts that have been mixed into the final release.

The album also saw an expanded roster of musicians including saxophone, organs, and even a small amount of vocals, and is the third to be produced by ASIWYFA engineer, Lee MacMahon.

Continuing the band’s visual theme, House Of Wisdom | We Are The Devil is the third release to have artwork designed for and inspired by artist, Sam Hall. The reversible LP cover to the album features a single scene flipped on it’s head, and marks Sam Hall’s most creative work to date.

Poly-Math will again be touring throughout the year and showcasing the new record at festivals in the UK and Europe.


Europe / UK