With ripping guitars, stacked harmonies and all the bombast associated with bands like Queen, the four young rockers in His Dream Of Lions aim to turn Pop-Rock on its head in 2018. Inspired by the artists that dominated Alt. Rock in the mid 2000’s (MCR, Fall Out Boy, The Killers, Jimmy Eat World to name a few) high school friends Seth Coggeshall (Vocals) and Nick Jones (Lead Guitar) came together in the Spring of 2012 to form the beginnings of His Dream Of Lions. After a period of relentless writing and playing the band’s line up was finalized with the addition of keyboard player Colby Witko and bassist Justin Mason.


With the new members in place, the group quickly realized they needed a name that would stand to represent the bands mission, and thus the message the members hope to convey. In Ernest Hemingway’s novel, “The Old Man and The Sea,” the main character experiences reoccurring dreams of lions playing on the beach. Even with the knowledge that they could drown, the lions carry on, exemplifying a sense of adventure the old man once had. By taking the name, His Dream Of Lions, the members hope to be reminded of the ambitious spirit they promised never to lose.

His Dream Of Lions have been a prominent act in the local Virginia music scene for years, bridging the gap between pop and rock by sharing the stage with the likes of Aaron Carter, Jonny Craig, There For Tomorrow, Crash Boom Bang, Australia’s Got Talent winner Joe Robinson, and Plain White T’s front man Tom Higgenson’s band; That Lying Bitch. Recently the four piece saw themselves touring the U.S. with Under Fire, Moonwalker, Assuming We Survive, Hang Tight, as well as finishing an East Coast-Midwest leg on the 2017 Vans Warped Tour.


Though the emphasis for His Dream Of Lions has always been on their hard hitting and precise live show, the band has also garnered an online following through their critically acclaimed videos. The music video for the second single off of their 2015 self-titled EP, “Danger Close”, premiered on Fuse’s FM TV, and was featured in Journey’s store locations all across the United States.


All of this culminating in the anticipated release of the band’s most recent effort Psuedo Star, an introspective look at twenty something angst inspired by the glamorous pop of the 1980’s. As front man Seth Coggeshall describes the record: “Every EP we’ve made so far has seen us move closer and closer to our own unique aesthetic, both visually and sonically. To me Psuedo Staris the most realized version of His Dream Of Lions. We are not only reaching into the history of classic rock for inspiration, but claiming some of the more interesting aspects of modern pop music as well”.


Fresh off their December 2017 tour with Hang Tight, His Dream of Lions are looking forward to further touring this Spring, and the release of their upcoming record out February 16th2018.

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