A six-pack called DROPOUT KINGS is raging out of Phoenix, Arizona, and wants to conquer the world with nu metal! Adam, Eddie, Chucky, Staig, Rob and Trevor have big plans and definitely all the skills and power to fulfil them. But before they reached their status as a phenomenal live band and got signed with Napalm Records, these young gentlemen had to struggle.
“I met Chucky in an old band we used to be in called “We The Collectors” and Trevor, Staig, and Rob in a band called “The Bad Chapter” that we were all in. Eddie I met from an AZ underground cypher video I saw on the internet”, states Adam Ramey, vocalist and mouthpiece of DROPOUT KINGS.
They all grew up with an affinity for music of all varieties and stuck with that in one or another way. From 2016 on DROPOUT KINGS became a real band – but with a style of their own that didn’t seem that popular at first.
“It all basically started when “The Bad Chapter” broke up. I almost gave up music. But, life wouldn’t let me. I still wanted to remain active in the scene so I decided to do a Linkin Park cover, which is how I met Eddie. We did the cover and it got a good response. So I said, fuck it. Let’s make a band.”, says Adam. The first months were very tough for the band. Everybody in the music industry told them, that their vision of DROPOUT KINGS won’t work. But: “We still don’t know why to this day, but it fueled a fire inside us to say fuck this, we’re gonna do this and make it happen. And once we put out material and marketed it properly, of course those people were singing a different tune by then and wanted to work with us, but at that point I had already written them off and was working and talking to even bigger people in the industry by then.”
“We want to take over the fucking world.”
Besides the business struggles Adam and his guys also had to fight in their private life: “The last couple years have been a struggle but at the same time we’ve seen the most success in our endeavors and the most growth within ourselves in that time as well. There was a time in the beginning of this where I pretty much lived out of my car and went house to house living with friends selling drugs to get by and help fund the band. I’m not proud of it, but you gotta do what you gotta do to make things happen for yourself and that’s what I know how to do.”
Coming out of it even stronger, the band established their style, whose forefathers had been declared dead for years already. System Of A Down, Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit but also acts like NWA were essential in the formative years of the guys. They took all their influences, mixed them up even more and took them to another level. Adam explains: “Nu metal to me is life. It’s my childhood. It’s the answer and calling to my life. It’s important to me and I want to keep it alive and give it a new look and appeal and a way for it to spread to a broader demographic. It’s got the balls to break boundaries in genres. It showed me anything was possible musically, and the only barriers that exist in music, are the ones you put on yourself. ”
What makes DOK even more special is their fan base! Even though still in their early stages the band can count on numerous true supporters who want to be part of the whole – they want to be themselves and authentic, like the DROPOUT KINGS are.
Adam and his friends are ready to bring the nu metal revolution – the DROPOUT KINGS will take over the world, in their own way.
North America