The common goal of making music between 4 good friends finally came together to create Distinguisher in the fall of 2014. Knowing that the band would be a continuous drive of heavy music and energy that would never rest, this band has taken on 2016 by storm, and they’re just getting started. Having already completed their first handful of tours across the country along with the release of their crushing singles “The Collapse,“928″ and newest groundbreaking track “Ruin,” these guys have quickly become a force to be reckoned with. The band brings a fresh, redefined sound of heavy music to the table with elements of Hardcore, Nu Metal, and even Groove, overall making them one huge and unforgettable listening experience. Distinguisher was founded with the desire to separate themselves from everyone alike. Whether it be the music, their age, or their attitude about passion, they make sure they are always remembered in one way or another. The band now waits patiently as they are set to record their debut full length album set be released late this summer. Distinguisher will surely continue to strive to become a known name in the music industry no matter what the cost, risk, or sacrifice may be.

North America