CIRCLES’ mind-bending, pounding rhythms, beautiful vocals that could
melt butter, razor-edge guitar tones and bass lines that rumble – very
much place them squarely as the next step in the evolution of heavy
music – not just in their home country of Australia, but around the world.
Throughout their two releases to date, 2011’s EP The Compass and
2103’s Infinitas, they have constantly evolved and brought new elements
to heavy music and djent as a genre. They have garnered almost
unanimously positive reaction from fans and critics across the globe via
these amazing records and through an epic touring ethic, which has
seen them take to the stage at some of the world’s most prestigious
heavy/prog festivals and on tours with the world’s finest.
CIRCLES have toured heavily around the world where fans have truly
embraced them with open arms, hearts and minds. The band slayed
audiences at Euroblast 2013 alongside the likes of Meshuggah,
Monuments, Textures and fellow Aussie warriors Twelve Foot Ninja.
They have toured Europe with the mighty Dillinger Escape Plan and
then again alongside Monuments and After the Burial.
Dropping single ‘Sand & Wind’ in 2016 saw a fresh batch of Australian
touring ensue, with them embarking across Australia in support of Fear
Factory and then again with Periphery and Polaris.

Now, with an eye firmly set to the future as a four-piece outfit and with
management (Bear Parts Music) and booking (Wild Thing Presents)
and now international agency Artery Global taking them on board for
UK/EU bookings, CIRCLES look set to utterly devastate the world’s
stages with their new sound and forthcoming record TBA.